Last Rape Stats, &c. Post (for now)

Possible trigger warnings within:

I was reading this article on Huffington Post, about Angie Epifano, the girl who blew the lid off Amherst College’s tradition of silencing rape victims, back in October. This was one of the instances that really kicked off my article for my paper, for my class, at my school. (I attend the large public university next door, who some weeks before her story was published, had to cope with the gang rape of a freshman girl by four young men from her town. A story that made it all the way to the UK’s Daily Mail, which I had not known.)

In the HuffPo article they mention,

The Victim Rights Law Center in Boston told Epifano they’d been trying to change Amherst for years, citing 10 sexual assaults on the campus in 2011, and in the past 15 years, reports of multiple serial rapists who have raped more than five girls.

And there was a very important word in that quote that stood out to me, particularly with regards to the critique of the graph that went viral (here at the Washington Post), called “The Saddest Graph You’ll See All Day” (about rapists, arrests, convictions, and false accusations).

The critique points out that

The graphic assumes one-rape-per-rapist.

And that that isn’t true. She quoted a number (6% of men are rapists) which she got from here, which adds that the repeat offenders in the surveys tended to average around (and it’s this fun!) around 5 repeat offenses. Continue reading