A New Canon (Part the 1st)

First, a quick reminder to be careful what you wish for:

romantic! whether she likes it or not.

A Softer World: 326 © Joey Comeau and Emily Horne

In the first issue of 2013’s The Believer there is a fabulous article about allusion, the postmodern condition & literature. (Allusion: the “you are what you eat” of books.) I took to thinking about what I would list if I decided to create my own personal literary canon. (Doesn’t everyone have this question?) What are the most influential books/authors in my experience? The books I would & do recommend ad nauseum to people because they are formative & important? Continue reading


All night reading binges

There is a specific kind of reading, one I now associate with childhood, the kind of reading where you stay up all night–damn the consequences–to finish the book.
It’s a childish kind of reading because it demands that you hand yourself over–mind, body, and soul–to the book. As we get older, and more educated, it becomes harder to turn off that constant thread of analysis and aloofness that comes with experience. What isn’t real, isn’t real, and in being constructed has the elusive meaning that high school was dedicated to teaching us to reveal.

The imagery is not there for the picture it paints or the feeling it evokes, but for some occult, Freudian reason, some deeper value is hidden between the shapes of the words. Continue reading