Oops, copyright goes against my anarchistic tendencies

Copyright: the entire concept of copyright is inherently evil. I am a product of the anarchist tendencies of the internet, and the entire idea of protecting objects meant to be used and appreciated by a wide audience is anathema to me.

I hate copyright. I hate the idea that you can claim something that should belong to everyone: be it a cultural object (ideas, words, pictures, videos, &c), or technological ones (code, techniques, &c).

There is a part of me that realizes that I will never function properly within a capitalist society because I have no desire to possess things. I don’t want to stamp my name on something and then refuse to let anyone else have part of it. I want to make things that can then be used and complicated and quoted and restructured and re-purposed by other people to create dialogue and collaboration.

Culture is collaboration: it’s what happens when we come together around ideas and through some mystical process of exchange and critique create something that contains all of us and speaks to all of us. Continue reading